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Auto Low temprature Laminator DWL1600A
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Auto Low temprature Laminator DWL1600A



Model: DWL1600A

Nominal Voltage: 220V

Power: 60W

Heating Power: 1500W

Frequency Response: 50HZ-60HZ

Operating Temprature: 0°C-60 °C


Scope of Suitable film thickness: 10-250μm

Warm-up time: 0-10 minutes

Max Laminating Width: 1580mm

Max laminating speed: 0-10m/min

Max laminating thickness : 50mm

The rise height of roller: 50mm


Pressure adjustment method: mannual

Diameter of roller:130mm

GW: 170kg



Machine Configuration:

1) Special method of putting film under roller from the back, easy operating.

2) Infrared ray control temprature,no hurt to roller,Much precise control tempreture

3) Single Linkage control system, Up - down roller easy.

4)  Foot switch/ auto / manual laminating,  these 3 methods laminating.

5) Stepless speed adjusting.

6) Trun in reverse function.

7) Temprature to 60 °C to avoid bubble thoroughly.

8) High rate of finished laminating products, whole roll of film 50M not tilted laminating.

9) Film and paper tightness-degree system, make film good tension, much down wrinkle of laminating.

10) Manual/Auto laminating changing easily, plz see above picture the right one. Even no lost power sudden, machine can operating by manual.


Product: Auto Low temprature Laminator DWL1600A
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